Mapquest To Success?

I wish mapquest could really give you a plan for life, with little arrows, or a nice speaking voice, to revert to the original path when you stray too far no, I really don’t, but it’s a nice thought ~ Jennifer Aicher

Interesting idea and wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to read sign posts that direct us forward?

Although some days I agree with Jen, others I think the journey is really the fun part. I do believe Bob Bitchin was right when he said

“The difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude”

Which means as individuals we create our own adventure by choosing the right attitude for us, every day.

What does this have to do with sales? EVERYTHING!

Today & Every Day….

Prospects and customers can hear your choice of attitudes ever time you call – they know what type of day you are having. Be honest with yourself; you know they would rather talk to a salesperson who is in a good mood vs. bad.

Plus because attitude is a choice – you can turn it around when ever you want.

I didn’t say that was going to be easy! Make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve:

  1. a trusted confidant who will support you
  2. a place to walk away to when you’re frustrated
  3. someone positive in your life you can call for a smile
  4. perhaps a secret chocolate stash in your top desk drawer
  5. a quote, book, or magazine that reminds you of what is important
  6. make yourself smile (even if it takes a stupid youtube video to do it)

and 7. last but not least – TAKE A REALLY DEEP BREATH (then let it out slowly)

Control your day, your career, your attitude – that is what will bring you down the road to sales success. Leave mapquest to give you directions to that next appointment!

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