Believe You’re Extraordinary

You may be tired of me saying “the only two things you control in sales are how you spend your time AND your attitude!” Well today I’m going to add to that with something that involves BOTH.

Believe You’re Extraordinary

Extra Ordinary – a bonus beyond the ordinary, that is who you are and what you give to the people you interact with every day.

Out there somewhere is a person saying “well if everyone is extraordinary… doesn’t that become ordinary?”

Here is the crazy part; what makes each of us extraordinary is different – in fact, I would  dare say what OTHERS think makes us extraordinary are the things that we do without any thought at all. They the pieces that make up who we are.

Here is your mission for this week – if you choose to accept it. Write up your personal manifesto, what makes you who you are.  Need an example? Here is mine :-)

I practice random acts of kindness

I try to treat people the way I want to be treated
•    with respect
•    with dignity
•    with humor
•    with love

It is important that my friends and family know I love them and that I remember to tell them often, not taking for granted that they know

I am someone who makes people think of the words
•    fair
•    capable
•    funny
•    and just a little bit off

I want to be the person who gets phone calls from friends and family when wonderful things happen and when there is a need for a shoulder to cry on

I try to be brave in bad situations, and hope that if I can’t be brave I can at least fake it until it is over

I am learning that it is ok not to be perfect

I always remember that I could be better in the roles my life puts before me

I keep a kite in my car, just in case

I am NOT spontaneous, but I am willing to take risks

I love to read, love to learn, and love to love

Have a great week!

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