“In Addition to That . . .” by Bob Burg

Hello the following is a post I saw over the weekend by Bob Burg and it is a great addition to this month’s objection handling theme. Enjoy!

In Addition to That . . .

April 14th, 2009 by Bob Burg

Often, in the selling process, we encounter an objection that, while it may be very legitimate, is not the true reason for the prospect’s hesitation. This might happen because the prospect is too polite to share their real reason and doesn’t want to hurt our feelings (even though we’d rather they did) or, he or she simply might not be aware of what their true reason is.

When you suspect either of the above, you must be able to isolate their true objection, otherwise you won’t make the sale, and your prospect won’t get to enjoy the benefits your product or service can provide them. And, just as importantly, you must be able to do this tactfully and non-manipulatively so as not to cause their feeling defensive.

In this instance, simply ask the following question: “Mr./Ms. Prospect, in addition to {their stated objection} is there anything else that would keep you from going ahead and taking ownership?”

Upon thinking about it, they might say “No, that’s it.” If that’s the case, then, if you can answer their objection to their satisfaction and alleviate their concern, you’ll have the sale.

What they’ll probably say is, “Well, I’m also concerned with the fact that . . . {their true objection}. Now, very gently determine if “that” is their true objection. When they say “Yes” now you’re in a position to answer it, make the sale, and have everyone come out a winner.

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