Objection Tracking….

This month in A Chip off the Block’s Blank Look Edition Tip #1 is

If you were to keep track of the objections you hear for one week, my experience shows there are 3-5 that keep popping up for you.

Here is a story about what an UpYourTeleSales.com coaching client figured out from the exercise (yes I absolutely love hearing result stories – so if you have one be sure to forward it along OR post comments here, which ever you’re most comfortable with).

Here is the list of what Ella heard for the week she kept track:

  • We have been using XYZ for years.
  • I’ve never heard of your company.
  • What we’re doing now works fine.
  • We’re cutting back, even closing offices.
  • Management isn’t convinced you can help.

When she looked at her business, she realized that the translation turned 4 of the 5 into two:

  1. I don’t trust you yet (I’ve never heard of your company & Management isn’t convinced you can help)
  2. Existing relationship = better than change (We have been using XYZ for years & What we’re doing now works fine)

When analyzing this Ella thought it might even be one single issue –

The potential risk of changing vendors is higher than any benefit I can imagine.

Now it was time to come up with her 3 step objection handling script:

Acknowledge the prospect has a valid point.

(smile – even though they can’t see me) That is interesting,

Tell A Storyget the prospect reengaged in the conversation.

… before I make any changes in who I do business with I have to see that there is an upside to the risk as well as the effort to get someone set up in our systems.

I know the last time we picked a company to be our printer we went as far as getting samples and then placing a small order first.

Ask A Question – to turn the prospect’s brain back on.

What process did you go through the last time you changed ________ vendors?

Now Ella is using that every time she hears an objection that sounds like it is about risk, playing with the word choice to make it sound conversational, plus tracking the results.

Don’t forget: the goal for objection handling is to keep the conversation going NOT change their mind.

random UpYourTeleSales.com note: To keep the client anonymous we used one of today’s popular names (as found on the internet).


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