Oh It’s Magic – Sales Magic

For me, magic is the phenomena of a wondrous result that cannot be explained, based on combining my inspiration with perspiration, and yet happens! ~ Lynn Hidy

Now I’ve gone & done it! quoted myself; it was all about the formatting, really!

Sales Magic you know what it looks like.

  • That cold call where the not only answer their phone BUT break away from what they were doing and engage with you.
  • An inbound call when a customer says “I don’t know if you can help me, but I wanted to give you 1st crack at this”
  • A random email that includes “Bob and I were talking and he said I needed to get in touch with you”
  • The bluebird  what salespeople call an order that arrives that they didn’t know was coming ) that comes in at the end of the month

Those are all little magic moments that happen.

Enjoy those magic moments; they are a direct result of all your inspiration & perspiration! Stop believing you didn’t work for it, because you certainly did.


Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration ~ Thomas Edison

I saw a question asked on a LinkedIn group I participate in “how many hours does a salesperson have to work each week to be successful?” Wow that was a loaded one! I’ll admit I stayed completely clear of the entire discussion – not even peeking at people’s responses.

Perspiration is all about the effort we put in, it isn’t that “working smart” isn’t important – rather – it just isn’t enough.

10,000 hours is how long it takes to become an expert at something, anything! Plus in the words of my Taijiquan instructor – practice makes permanent.

Which means if we are actually putting in 40 hours of effort, practicing the right techniques, focusing – it will take us 5 years to become a sales expert. Knowing that the majority of salespeople aren’t focused for every minute of a 40 hour work week; for most of us that means 10 or more years before we are truly experts at our craft.

When we talk about TeleSales in particular – remember that effort is typically measured. Those metrics might include:

  • dials
  • phone time
  • opportunities found
  • quotes
  • proposals/webex meetings/etc
  • sales revenue

We measure the things we can, in hopes of finding the combination that will create success. I guess the question is really – how much time can I afford to NOT be adding toward my 10,000 hours?

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work ! Thomas Edison


What inspires you?

HEY -I can see you roll your eyes and *sigh*

Hang on for a moment or three!

Are You Looking For Inspiration?

Inspiration is the WOW behind the why: It is not what makes us get up in the morning, it is what makes us excited to get up.

Too often the activity of each day obscures what inspires us – you know days when everything feels like drudgery. When you finish you know you were busy but don’t feel like anything was accomplished. Those are the days when we need to be inspired BUT can’t find inspiration.

Instead, I suggest you find your inspiration and have a habit of looking to it in moments of drudgery. Lift yourself up and out of activity – into a place of joyful abandon (no I’m not kidding). We might not be able to live there all the time (a big right on! to those of you who do) – but make sure you take the time to visit often.

I visit by making sure I have pictures of places that inspire me on my computer, things on my desk that keep my thoughts soaring – the key is to take a moment to look instead of trying to push on through.

You can always come back here for this gentle reminder.

Find Your Own Beauty

photos were taken by Cris Winters of NICHE Studios

Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

I returned this weekend from the Sales SheBang Expert Summit which is an event I try to go to every time it happens!

Why? Because I love to surround myself with people who inspire me to Be A Better Me. Yup,  a better me. To look inside myself and decide what I want to do with my business – then push me to go beyond where I am today and make it happen.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? I would suggest you find yourself a group who will support you while you continue working to become the best you, you can be:

  • believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.
  • see the possibilities of what can be.
  • help you ask yourself tough questions.
  • support you while you try & sometimes when you fail.
  • make sure you understand – failing forward.
  • and will call you out when you’re lying to yourself!

If you don’t have people like this in your life, I urge you to go find them – it makes the journey much more fun and ultimately more profitable as well (we are in sales).

Before The Objection

To end our Objection Handling series, we’re going to take a look at how to NOT get one!

I’ve realized over the years that when from cold call to first sale goes completely smoothly I get nervous. I keep waiting for something to happen, it isn’t that I doubt my abilities… it isn’t that I don’t believe in my product – rather I’m use to “creating”.

Sales Process as Creation

In sales there are lots of things we create as salespeople during the sales process:

  • rapport
  • trust
  • need
  • urgency

not in every one in every sale of course. Perhaps the perfect times, those without wrinkles, are when instead of creating those things – what I’ve created is actually an environment where the prospect does all the creation for themselves.

In that space, they are comfortable and free to move forward. They’ve already bought in – which is perhaps the most important step for a prospect to take in the sales process.

Buying In

Make a list for yourself of all the ideas a prospect needs to believe before they buy what you sell. You may surprise yourself at the list.

Here is a short example for my business to get your brain started: i want to get better (or my team), i see that skill building is part of getting better, i believe coaching is an integral part of training,  Lynn Hidy creates valuable content, her style will fit in our organization, improvement will be faster with UpYourTeleSales.com than without.

As you’re reading the list (mine or your own) notice that some of the buying in isn’t a huge deal – where others may be more difficult based on the prospect’s familiarity with you and/or your company’s products & services.


I believe that objections come when we attempt to jump over a spot where the prospect


Of course I’ll get a price objection if they haven’t decided “improvement will be faster with UpYourTeleSales.com than without” OR we already have a vendor leaping over “Lynn Hidy creates valuable content.”

As salespeople, there are two top tips to remember.

TT1 (top tip one) = develop a style that allows your prospects to create for themselves through your conversation.

TT2 (top tip two) = the way to KNOW prospects have bought into an idea is by listening!

of course, it is easy to listen when you ask insightful (make them think) questions that are open ended (allow them to talk/explain what they are thinking).

Before The Objection

To eliminate objections from rearing their ugly heads – pay more attention to buying in than selling.

Objections Aren’t Questions; Don’t Answer Them!

Objections Aren’t Questions – Don’t Answer Them! ~ Pete Morrissey
I have to start with; I’m not 100% sure that Pete Morrissey is the originator of this saying. He is the person who stressed the idea enough that it has sunk into the very being of who I am as a salesperson. Here are three reasons for the quote:
  1. The prospect is stating their opinion. For them, at that moment it is true. Disagreement will only turn them off even more!
  2. People hate salespeople who don’t listen. Talking like you didn’t hear them will reinforce their belief that you’re not listening.
  3. No one likes questions that make them sound stupid. Need an example? “don’t you want to save your company money?” – yeah like that has ever worked to do anything except annoy someone.

Instead of creating confrontation, use your conversation skills to move forward in the sales process. Remember that unless there are two people engaged in idea sharing; there is no conversation.

If there is no conversation – their can be no sale. It really is that simple.