Before The Objection

To end our Objection Handling series, we’re going to take a look at how to NOT get one!

I’ve realized over the years that when from cold call to first sale goes completely smoothly I get nervous. I keep waiting for something to happen, it isn’t that I doubt my abilities… it isn’t that I don’t believe in my product – rather I’m use to “creating”.

Sales Process as Creation

In sales there are lots of things we create as salespeople during the sales process:

  • rapport
  • trust
  • need
  • urgency

not in every one in every sale of course. Perhaps the perfect times, those without wrinkles, are when instead of creating those things – what I’ve created is actually an environment where the prospect does all the creation for themselves.

In that space, they are comfortable and free to move forward. They’ve already bought in – which is perhaps the most important step for a prospect to take in the sales process.

Buying In

Make a list for yourself of all the ideas a prospect needs to believe before they buy what you sell. You may surprise yourself at the list.

Here is a short example for my business to get your brain started: i want to get better (or my team), i see that skill building is part of getting better, i believe coaching is an integral part of training,  Lynn Hidy creates valuable content, her style will fit in our organization, improvement will be faster with than without.

As you’re reading the list (mine or your own) notice that some of the buying in isn’t a huge deal – where others may be more difficult based on the prospect’s familiarity with you and/or your company’s products & services.


I believe that objections come when we attempt to jump over a spot where the prospect


Of course I’ll get a price objection if they haven’t decided “improvement will be faster with than without” OR we already have a vendor leaping over “Lynn Hidy creates valuable content.”

As salespeople, there are two top tips to remember.

TT1 (top tip one) = develop a style that allows your prospects to create for themselves through your conversation.

TT2 (top tip two) = the way to KNOW prospects have bought into an idea is by listening!

of course, it is easy to listen when you ask insightful (make them think) questions that are open ended (allow them to talk/explain what they are thinking).

Before The Objection

To eliminate objections from rearing their ugly heads – pay more attention to buying in than selling.


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