What inspires you?

HEY -I can see you roll your eyes and *sigh*

Hang on for a moment or three!

Are You Looking For Inspiration?

Inspiration is the WOW behind the why: It is not what makes us get up in the morning, it is what makes us excited to get up.

Too often the activity of each day obscures what inspires us – you know days when everything feels like drudgery. When you finish you know you were busy but don’t feel like anything was accomplished. Those are the days when we need to be inspired BUT can’t find inspiration.

Instead, I suggest you find your inspiration and have a habit of looking to it in moments of drudgery. Lift yourself up and out of activity – into a place of joyful abandon (no I’m not kidding). We might not be able to live there all the time (a big right on! to those of you who do) – but make sure you take the time to visit often.

I visit by making sure I have pictures of places that inspire me on my computer, things on my desk that keep my thoughts soaring – the key is to take a moment to look instead of trying to push on through.

You can always come back here for this gentle reminder.

Find Your Own Beauty

photos were taken by Cris Winters of NICHE Studios

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Lovely picture and lovely idea about the connection between beauty and inspiration. I have water lilies in my little pond in the back yard (no fish!), but love when my water lilies bloom. Last year the first bloom happened on my birthday!

    • Chris, Thanks for sharing that image – I especially like the feeling of wonder that comes up at having water lilies bloom for your birthday. Lynn

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