Oh It’s Magic – Sales Magic

For me, magic is the phenomena of a wondrous result that cannot be explained, based on combining my inspiration with perspiration, and yet happens! ~ Lynn Hidy

Now I’ve gone & done it! quoted myself; it was all about the formatting, really!

Sales Magic you know what it looks like.

  • That cold call where the not only answer their phone BUT break away from what they were doing and engage with you.
  • An inbound call when a customer says “I don’t know if you can help me, but I wanted to give you 1st crack at this”
  • A random email that includes “Bob and I were talking and he said I needed to get in touch with you”
  • The bluebird  what salespeople call an order that arrives that they didn’t know was coming ) that comes in at the end of the month

Those are all little magic moments that happen.

Enjoy those magic moments; they are a direct result of all your inspiration & perspiration! Stop believing you didn’t work for it, because you certainly did.


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