When you’re weeding, sometimes you end up pulling out flowers

The latest issue of A Chip off the Block is The Garden Edition and talks about  The Top 10 Things Sales Taught Me About Gardening here is my TeleSales Twist on Point #3.

When you’re weeding, sometimes you end up pulling out flowers

Right now, there is an account you ditched months ago… buying what you sell from somebody else. It’s true, sorry to break the news to you – as we weed out our prospect list we may throw a great one into our compost heap. STOP: that doesn’t mean you keep everything, weeding is important and you are going to throw away more bad than potential good. Plus, composting comes back to make your garden more beautiful in a different way!

One of the things I hear about TeleSales is that as inside salespeople have more time to call (due to lack of drive/windshield time) they can handle a larger volume of accounts.

The result tends to be unwieldy account base sizes

Unwieldy account base sizes result in under/un-qualified prospects

Un-qualified prospects = weeds in the garden

 When an account is un-qualified, salespeople tend to spend time on prospect requests like they would if it were a customer. Now I’m all for ‘acting as if’ but:

  • questions are missed
  • work is undertaken w/out a committment
  • time & effort are spent

if you have been reading my stuff for a while – you’ll remember that I believe the only 2 things we can control in sales (and life) are:

  1. how we spend our time
  2. our attitude

The solution?

No matter the size, work through every account in your base list – if you can’t get to it immediately for a full qualification at least as yourself 3 questions:

Number 1  – does this account meet my ideal customer profile (at least the easily identifiable pieces)?

Number 2 – do you at minimum know they buy what you sell?

Number 3 – are you EVER going to get to qualifying this account?

If you have 2 or 3 “no” or “I don’t know” answers….. just take that puppy out of your name, you’ll never miss it and perhaps someone else will have the opportunity to do business there.

This does mean you might throw away a flower or two BUT it will make you more profitable to KNOW what is going on with your prospects & customer, than

someday maybe possibly sort of having the potential to be the best customer EVER.

Pull up the weeds, take care but be ok throwing out some flowers along the way – the rest of your garden will thrive because of it.


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