There is always more to be done

The latest issue of A Chip off the Block is The Garden Edition and talks about The Top 10 Things Sales Taught Me About Gardening here is TeleSales Twist #10.

There is always more to be done

I guess I know this about life, not only sales and of course now, gardening. Waking up every morning and knowing that the day will bring new Challenges… Opportunities… Laughs… Successes… and at times Failures, is what makes it FUN. and FUN is the perfect place to end this list!

This picture is of the garden at the end of phase one… all of the weeds have been pulled (except the ones I didn’t know were weeds) BUT there are no annuals planted for color AND lots of blank mulch space.

I have to share that at this point it felt DONE, telesales is like that too:

  • you have multiple relationships in an account – then your ‘main contact’ leaves
  • you’re having a great year – knowing that in your business this year’s top account, isn’t going to be next years
  • finally you get your 1st order – now you have to grow the account

Those are three I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, where I fell DONE, but it has really only started.

career – it completely makes sense that you’re never done, until you retire or change to a completely different profession (that is not the same as changing job titles OR companies).

This makes it especially important that you find the effort to continue growing FUN.

I’ve been heard to say it before and you’ll probably see it again: as Adults the only thing we do more than work, is sleep! If we aren’t having fun at work, where will we have fun?

We are responsible for OURSELVES and our continued growth and success in our careers, make sure the effort is enjoyable and you will keep doing it!

account – here I think it is easier to take your foot off the gas once you’ve earned their business. It feels “done”, you’re in right? WRONG, this is when all of your competition is gearing up doing all the things you did to break in.

If you stop doing the things that earned you their business in the 1st place, you are going to be out as quickly as you came in. Instead create an ongoing momentum plan that ensures your customer is having as much fun working with you as they have on vacation!

life – this is a journey you know isn’t finished yet. I’ll throw out that FUNis what makes us want to get up every day and keep going.


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