When Should We Sprint?

It is an interesting phenomena in TeleSales (perhaps sales in general) where we PUSH ourselves… or are PUSHED by someone else you know when “they” tell you to do something.

random note: when I got my 1st management job my husband said “When people complain about ‘them’… it’s YOU now.”

If you are expecting me to talk about that month end/quarter end/year end push to hit some quota that was set for you – stop reading now!

I’m a firm believer that daily attitude, behaviors, and skills are what are going to get you to quota NOT a sprint to the finish at the end of a marathon.

Not that sprinting at the end occasionally is a bad thing – rather I’m always amazed at organizations where month after month, quarter after quarter that is THE ONLY time management seems to engage with the sales team.

When should we sprint? is a question I’d like to ask about your telesales careers vs. quota.

Training Run

If you are starting out in your TeleSales career; there is a lot to learn and do RIGHT NOW. Many people are tempted to sprint right away. Instead look at every beginning as a training run. You are figuring out what you’re capable of doing today, what you need to strengthen, how to improve your form.

There are manybeginings in a TeleSales Career:

  1. your first outbound, sales generating position (the very beginning)
  2. a new account base (typically a reward for success in your current account base)
  3. corporate changes in what ‘territory’ means
  4. adding a big potential prospect to your account base
  5. changing companies
  6. etc….

Make sure you take the time to learn all you need, get warmed up THEN sprint!

Practice Meet

Sometimes in TeleSales you’ll find yourself in competition with other people on your team. Stretching yourself to do more than a co-worker: make more dials, talk with more humans, develop more business opportunities – using other people to push you forward.

This is a great time to sprint! With one safety tip: make sure the practice meet you choose to participate in moves YOU forward in your own career!

The Big Race

Now we come to race day. The one that is going to determine our fate for all time (ok that is way to dramatic but you get the idea).

This is the call, the account, whatever is critical to moving your career forward when we need to use everything we have learned up to this point for success.

Now is the best time to put all those training runs and practice meets to work. Take every piece of knowledge about yourself that you have and run, run, run as fast as you can – cross the finish line ahead of the competition.

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