Random Thought – is today a good day?

Sales is an interesting game, and I do mean game.

A friend of mine came to work with me when I was in sales leadership – he was just out of the Army – when someone was talking about how difficult a day they were having. His reply was ” well…  I had a good day, no one shot at me.”

Which certainly changed  the significance of my outlook at work – I have to say in the over 15 years I’ve been in TeleSales, no one has ever shot at me… which means I’ve had a lot of good days.

I have a belief that we choose our own attitudes. Which means that if I twist one of my favorite quotes – no one can me feel badly without my consent.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

As we come to the close of another sales month – some people are on the top of the world, over quota, having a great week. Others are at the bottom of the curve, can’t see any way to hit their goal this month. Most are somewhere in between.

My challenge to you today – is regardless where you for your month, quarter, or year. Choose today to be a good day.

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