SPEED without forward momentum is wasted effort!

Every time you pick up the phone, write an email, or send out literature; the objective isn’t the activity but moving forward in the sales process.

It is critical to your sales success that you don’t measure activity for activities sake!

  • dials is about effort, this is the one thing we can control in TeleSales (we haven’t developed technology to MAKE people pick up the phone… yet).  The goal isn’t the dial RATHER the dial shows you’re working toward finding people who’s business you can earn.
  • phone time – is measured a lot in TeleSales, why? because your sales manager can’t listen to every call you make (and that would be seriously annoying if they did). Phone time becomes the leading indicator that people are actually TALKING with you, and conversations are the only way to find business opportunities.
  • business opportunities – my experience shows that in most TeleSales environments (where the telesalesperson is responsible from beginning to end of the sales process) the ratio = win 1/3, loose 1/3, and 1/3 of the opportunities disappear (delayed, changed beyond recognition, whatever). When measuring opportunities it may be found daily… dollar value against quota… or something completely different: all these measurements have one thing in common! Making sure your finding enough business to make some money.
  • won deals – is what most telesalespeople (ok salespeople in general) care about. If you’re making quota, most other measurements will fall by the wayside when you’re evaluated. I want to warn you that if you’re not stretching and making those training runs (dials, phone time, opportunities) a few weeks or months from now those deals will stop coming in. Celebrate your success – give yourself a little party in the gray cubes of love – then keep moving forward to close even more deals.
  • new accounts – here is a measurement that may be on your training schedule. It is much more difficult to earn a new customer than keep one. New accounts are also the best way to keep moving forward – without new people in your account base it is difficult to continue to make long term progress in your career.
  • repeat customers – are the other measure of career success. Making sure the people who buy from you are ecstatic about their experience is the only way to keep them coming back. The more varied your product set, the more critical this becomes.  Again, the measurement is to ensure your continued sales success.

If you are running as fast as you possibly can – in place – you’re a hamster on a wheel. Always, remember that activity with forward momentum makes you someone running down the beach instead!

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