What do you do when your way is blocked?

Being blocked is an experience we have all had in sales.

It might have been a prospect we couldn’t even get to listen to us, let alone move forward in the sales process. Or perhaps a month where no mater what we did – we felt thwarted at every turn.

Step One  – remember to breathe. I know that sounds simplistic, but most of us (when frustrated) hold our breath instead of taking a breath – and letting it slowly out. Which is why I typically give that advice as step one, regardless of the situation.

Walk Away – not forever, but for a moment. Walk away from what ever is blocking you, you may even find a way around the situation while you’re off walking. Any distance between you and the situation will help.

Get Help – although self reliance is important to sales success, remember to use your resources when you’re blocked. Another perspective, experience level, or personality could help move you off the spot you’re in and get the momentum going.

Don’t forget to check out the Navigation Edition of A Chip Off the Block for more on what to do when your way is blocked.

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