Know where you want to go! (part 1)

To get where you want to go, 1st you must know where you’re starting from!

It may sound counter intuitive to figure out where you want to go, by looking at where you are right now, so bear with me a moment.

The idea I want you to consider is having a clear and accurate understanding of where you are right now will help you to decide where you want to go.

Step 1 – what do I have

It is time to take inventory. The ‘how to’ is up to you;

  • chat  with a friend & record it so you can listen later (letting them know of course)
  • make a list
  • find pictures that represent what you have (or even are pictures of what you have)
  • ask others about what they see looking from the outside

The importance is to have a clear understanding of the entire picture of where you are starting from before moving to step 2….

Step 2 – what do I want to keep

This might seem funny, but asking yourself what about your current situation you want to keep is critical to your happiness upon reaching your destination.

What would you miss if you no longer had it in your new role, new company, new scenario? In sales we typically are trading our time, effort, and expertise for money. One example could be to make sure that you don’t go for more money… if free time is of the utmost importance to you.

This part is something I suggest you work on yourself. What you end up with in step 2 will bet the parts you work to keep as you move forward to where you want to go – make sure they are important to YOU, not the people around you.

Which brings us to step 3….

Step 3 – what do I want

This could also be called the ‘what’s missing’ step. You know what you have, you know what you want to keep. What is missing from your current situation?

The how to can look the same as in step 1, before you pick a destination get a collection of must haves for yourself.

Take the time this week to go through all three steps and then stay tuned for next week and part 2!

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