Use Your Resources To Get Around

One of the things that is difficult for most salespeople to do is ask for help.

Here is the 5 Minute Rule I talk with my coaching clients about. Once you’ve spent 5 minutes trying to figure something out yourself – think about what resources you have that can help you.

Would it make sense for me to climb out of my kayak and carry/drag it around the rapids on the Saranac River, rather than use this lock? Of course NOT!

Yet time and time again, salespeople try to do it all…. all by themselves. Let me tell you from personal experience that takes longer, uses up more emotional energy, and wastes effort you don’t have to spend.

Many times the obstacle you currently face has been solved by someone else who ran into that exact same obstacle sooner than you did. Use your resources, ask for help – then expend the energy you have saved to work hard moving forward once you’re past the obstacle.

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