Shine On, Harvest Moon

My fellow Sales Blogger, Leanne Hoagland-Smith posted on Harvest Moon Madness – while my thoughts turned more to Shine On, Harvest Moon – first sung in 1909 but the Leon Redbone version of the chorus is what I was taught

Oh, Shine on, shine on, harvest moon
Up in the sky;
I ain’t had no lovin’
Since January, February, June or July.
Snow time ain’t no time to stay
Outdoors and spoon;
So shine on, shine on, harvest moon,
For me and my gal.

  • Are you one of the salespeople out there who “ain’t had no lovin”?
  • Or maybe hoping that the harvest moon will “shine on”?

If either one is the case it NOW is the time to look at what has put you into this predicament! Shining the harvest moon on the top 3 things you’re not doing.

Here are some favorite “not doing” items from the salespeople I coach:

  1. Cold Calling – it always amazes me the justification list salespeople can come up with as the reason they don’t have time to cold call. Many of the activities, in and of themselves, are valid – but become excuses on why NOT to do something that is uncomfortable.
  2. Asking “Why do you buy from me?” – this question is in my top 10 questions to ALWAYS ask, yet the fear is the customer will think of reasons to change their mind or not have a reason at all. Baring the sarcastic answer of ‘maybe I shouldn’t’ (which is usually followed by a snort or laugh) the important Customer Facing Reason for asking this is simple – how else will you make sure you keep doing it?
  3. Asking Tough Questions – why didn’t I give you the tough question? because what ‘tough’ is depends on where you are in your sales career AND you’re personal hang-ups. I always have a tough question I’m trying to add into my repertoire, once the question becomes easy… I put another post it up on my computer with the next one to work on. What’s your tough question?
  4. Calling Difficult People – ‘difficult’ is another vague word that might range from grumpy all the way to sweet yet unhelpful. We all have difficult people in our account bases – the one’s we roll our eyes when it’s time to call. Back to the notes from #1… many times we will find lots of excuses on why today isn’t the right day to call.

Once you can identify your top 3 things you’re not doing – the only fix is to DO THEM. I know, sound so simple doesn’t it?

When I first got into sales, one of the trainers said “Successful salespeople, do the things unsuccessful salespeople fail to do.” Notice there is nothing about LIKING to do them… WANTING to do them… or BEING COMFORTABLE doing them…

Stop making excuses and start doing.

  • If you’re missing a skill set – learning = doing
  • If fear is stopping you – facing the fear = doing
  • If you’re uncomfortable – pick an accountability partner and do something together
  • If you don’t like it – focus on the result you do want and then take action

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