Don’t let EXTRAORDINARY become ordinary

Have you let EXTRAORDINARY become ordinary?

You know the services that you offered and the first time your customer was absolutely thrilled, the second time they were happy, now they just expect it.

Once = an exception
Twice = a favor
Thrice = standard

The funny thing is that as people we don’t even notice it happening. Yet I received multiple responses to this month’s A Chip off the Block – Gorilla Edition when I wrote “I never buy anything at Macy’s without a 20% off coupon, they’ve trained me that if I wait a little while it will show up in the mail.” 20% off is now standard price, the customer doesn’t even see it as a discount.

One email said “So true!! I won’t shop at Macy’s w/o my 20% coupon!

Now I need you to consider – if as people we don’t notice it until it’s pointed out, it isn’t hard to see why salespeople don’t notice it either!

That brightly packaged present you’ve been handing over without ceremony or enthusiasm is like getting a cardboard box for your birthday without any singing, cards, noise makers or confetti. Where’s the EXTRAORDINARY in that?

There isn’t any – it is just plane ordinary without the EXTRA.

Never forget that what gives that birthday present the EXTRA is:

  • the though behind the gift
  • it’s timing
  • that it only happens once a year
  • how special you feel receiving it
  • the enthusiasm of the person giving it
  • gifts are an exception

Which leads us back to our customers (because when we are talking about prospects – it’s all new and feels special to them if we’re doing a good job).

All those things you did to earn their business…

  1. are you still doing them?
  2. do they still matter… ie: have a high level of importance to the client?
  3. what would happen if you STOPPED doing them?

Are you still doing them?

It’s funny to me how hard someone will work to EARN new business but then stop doing all those things that got them the customer.

Here’s a story for you: this guy Matt really wanted to work as an inside salesperson for a company…. so he researched, networked, interviewed THREE separate times, stalked the manager, and finally based on tenacity 1st and foremost… earned himself the job.

Then, didn’t show that same drive, dedication, OR tenacity after getting hired. Yup, he didn’t make it a year before he was fired.

Which customers have you let down by not showing up as the salesperson who earned their business in the 1st place?

Do they still matter?

Another tactical error is continuing to do business the same way without investigating how the landscape has changed. What was important when you earned their business – today may be insignificant.

We keep doing things as habit that may no longer get us the result we’re looking for.

Take your commute for example; if there is construction, going the same way to work will take longer – be more frustrating – and may not even get you there. For most of us that drive is habit and we don’t think about it.

When long term construction occurs, I’d challenge that you’ll end up STUCK in it multiple times before they finish – all because going that way has worked more times than not, so we drive without thinking.

Talk about their business & process to make sure you are relevant.

what would happen if you STOPPED doing them?

Here we are back to the problem with ordinary. If you asked a customer what they find  EXTRAORDINARY it may not be what you think.

#1 if it has become the 20% off coupon – they expect it and would notice if you stopped BUT it is ordinary.

#2 what is important to many of my clients are the things I ‘just do’, which means they will be noticed if I stop doing it BUT I might not recognize it as extraordinary.

Today ask your customers for the top 5 reasons they continue to work with you. Then ask again… and again… and again.

Keep the EXTRA in what makes you EXTRAORDINARY!

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