How will YOU know you’re on your way?

This photograph is by Mark Kurtz, a local photographer, who’s work always inspires me and makes me smile. This image was chosen as the National Geographic photo of the day back in September.

That got me thinking too – how will I know I’m on my way to success?

I feel that in some ways I’m there now. In other areas there is still effort to be put in and work to be done. How about you?

Have you:

  • defined what success looks like?
  • set up markers along the way to know you’re moving forward?
  • figured out what skills you need to build?
  • created a network of people who are there to help?
  • celebrated the micro-successes that show progress?

Like an unexpected photo of fireworks in a snow storm – make sure you ooooh and ahhhh over what you’re creating in your career.

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