Today’s Tip – read other people’s stuff

Here is an important sales tip – read other people’s stuff!

Not only other experts writings in your area BUT also other, seemingly random perhaps, places you might find ideas. For me many times that is more important than sales books or articles – gaining new insight comes from the oddest places.

Need a couple examples? Here are a couple places I visit enough to have on my iGoogle page:

and bookmarked to go RIGHT to it:

Where do you visit for inspiration, new ideas, and creative thoughts? Share with me I love to learn NEW sources.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tip – read other people’s stuff

  1. I really like “inhabitat” and their slogan “design will save the world” is fun! This project,, is a bench made out of cool, old chairs… wish I’d scoured the yard sales this summer! The site helps me envision new uses and solutions for what I have or need. (This project might come first though – as I have all the “junk” for it:
    I’m constantly amazed by TED, “Ideas Worth Spreading”! I’ve learned some fascinating things from their speakers (I MUST attend a conference one day) – things that have moved me, and things that are great conversation starters! I’ve introduced a lot of people to that site and each one has found something interesting, inspiring and/or useful. The internet has made it possible for everyone to “be in the presence of” great thinkers, and TED gathers some of the coolest/smartest/funniest in one place.
    And, because I can’t escape my geekdom, Mashable, – for all the techie and social media stuff that makes me mentally explore where I could go next in my entrepreneurial journey!

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