What are YOU putting off?

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted, for the lack of consistency I must apologize. Which of course got me thinking (a dangerous activity if there ever was one):

Why do we put things off that we’ve committed to do?

Reason #1

The commitment was a ‘should’ not a ‘will’. It is a goal, activity, action item that other people believe is important…. but I don’t. It was easier to make what I call a fake committment than to tell that person I wasn’t interested.

Sometimes in my life that is because the person ‘shoulding’ is an authority figure, other times it is that I didn’t want to hurt their feelings – regardless of the reason I ended up disappointing them (the not doing part) and myself (not keeping a committment).

Do you have any shoulds in your life? Time to either get rid of them – or figure out a personal why and make the commitment into a will do!

Reason #2

Once I didn’t do it once (or twice, or for some time frame)…. it was harder to RESTART than it was to beak myself up about it.

Exercise falls right into the middle of this reason for me. One day missed, turns into a few, into weeks, into – yup forever. The best fix in my world is to reexamine what my goal is and to turn the committment back into little action.

Need an example? Stretching for 15 min/day… easy right? Then I can start to expand on it if I want, but regardless 15 minutes of stretching is still better than NOTHING. What is better than nothing that you can commit to doing today?

Reason #3

Overwhelm caused inaction. I don’t know about you, but in my life there are waves of overwhelm that come crashing down over me on occasion.

The times when I feel like I have a handle on life, work, etc – then SPLASH everything is just littered on the beach (or worse washing out to sea). Then I’m standing there staring at it all – not even able to decide what to pick up first.

My only solution is to choose 3 little things that I have complete control over and do them – leaving the rest on the beach, until I can get something done.

Let’s face it doing nothing sure doesn’t help – but doing everything isn’t an option either!

Reason #4

It was toooooooooo hard. There is a 4a and 4b to this reason.

  • #4a – I’m missing a skill that I need meet my commitment. To fix that, I need to learn it – pay someone else to do that part – use my resources and move forward.
  • #4b – I didn’t break it down into small enough chunks. I need to make sure that I have all my commitments broken into chunks that I can handle. Little pieces that I can accomplish. It is my need to be able to look both back and forward and believe I can do it.

Reason #5

I got lazy. ‘nuf said right? Well I think that laziness tends to be either just that OR some combination of the first 4 reasons – examine that and then decide what you want to do.

What’s your reason? and do you even want to ‘fix’ it?

What are YOUR pink ski goggles?

I did NOT write this post – Jim Keenan “Sales Consultant, Entrepreneur at it again, Founder and CEO of Socially Booked, Conformist-non-conformist, Level 2 PSIA Certified Ski Instructor for Vail Resorts, Head over heels for my 3 daughters, FINDER OF THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, . . . what, that’s not enough?” did and I think it is so important I’m posting it here. Find more about Jim and read more of his awesome stuff!

The most important thing, is for you to ask yourself – What are YOUR pink ski goggles? Now here is Jim’s article:

I Wear Pink Ski Goggles.

I’ve worn pink ski goggles for over 7 years now.  Why?  I thought the pink was really frickin’ cool.

How many men do you know wear pink ski goggles? Based on my statistically inaccurate poll, taken from the ski lifts every year the answer is;

-Men over 30: zero

-Men (Boys) under 30 a few hundred and the number seems to be increasing year over year.

Every year at least one of my ski school clients asks if they are my wife’s goggles and if I forgot mine at home. –Nope!

I wear them and continue to wear them because I like them.  I think they are fun, cool and different. I don’t feel compelled to wear what everyone expects.

I try to wear pink goggles in other areas of my life as well. I try to wear them when I consult, and when I’m marketing my company. I wore then when I worked for my past employers. Wearing pink goggles is hard, but I try to wear them as often as I can.

When we wear pink goggles we don’t allow ourselves to be influenced by the status-quo.  By wearing pink goggles we are walking our own path, open to the unseen, the possible, the unique, the new, the different and the unproven.  It takes courage to wear pink goggles.  It makes OTHERS uncomfortable. It challenges what they believe to be the expected and the norm.  Pink goggles puts people on their heels. (I still get heat from a lot of my friends, my most conservative friends, surprised?) However, wearing pink goggles also inspires people, it makes them smile, it frees them. When we wear pink goggles we can’t help but affect people and that changes everything.

When I’m not wearing pink goggles, I never seem to be as successful. I don’t achieve as much. When I’m not wearing pink goggles success seems to require more work and more effort. The greatest successes I’ve had have come when I have my pink goggles on.

Do you wear pink goggles?  How often? Do you notice the difference.  I sure do.

Wear pink goggles tomorrow and see if you feel a difference.  I bet you do.

AGAIN – check out Jim Keenan at A Sales Guy. Plus let us know what YOUR pink telesales goggles are here!