Nostalgia can be good for you!

ImageThis is a picture of my Mom and today it made me think about the people that have helped me get to where I am today.

Without her love of skiing, I wouldn’t have my own passion for the sport. I do believe that “Gravity is love and every turn a leap of faith” ~ unknown

How about in your sales career, who has helped ignite your passion? Help you find your way? Believe in your success before you believed it yourself?

For me the list is long and includes people who know the affect they’ve had and others who probably have no idea the impact they have had on my career.

Choose someone on your list and call them up. Say thank you. Share what they have meant to you and your career.

Then spend the rest of your day making sure you’re living the kind of inspiration they gave to you – pass it on!

That’s it for today; I’ve got to go call my Mom, along with a sales mentor who doesn’t have any idea the impact he had on my career 🙂

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