Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Check out Issue 23: Lap It Up Edition of A Chip off the Block – today is Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk day, celebrate by working on Failing Forward.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” 

  • The “What If?” Game
  • Spiral your way to success
  • TeleSales Twist – Wait A Few Weeks

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Issue 21: A Passionate Edition

Work to Ski, Ski to Live

Important Safety Tip: in this edition of A Chip off the Block, when I start to blather on about skiing – please don’t zone out!

Instead; insert whatever activity you are passionate about (doesn’t matter if it is playing darts at your local pub, quilting, birding, or racing cars – all that matters is you get the same feelings I’m talking about when I start going on & on & on & on)

In life there are things that we;

  • Work hard to be good at
  • Look forward to EVERY TIME
  • Smile even thinking about
  • Execute with joyful abandon
  • Leave reluctantly, exhausted
  • Immediately think about “next time”

For me, in the wintertime, that thing is downhill skiing. I’ve actually orchestrated my entire life and business to enable my habit.

Once December arrives, I’m sad every time the temperature rises above freezing, until mid-April.

If I’m honest… with myself and you… the anticipation for skiing actually starts in early November once the fall foliage has dropped off the trees.

Someone somewhere is saying “Who cares – what does this have to do with sales?

I’m glad you asked!




Check out Issue 21: A Passionate Edition for more, plus keep coming back for expanded info!

The Key Is In The Listening!

This month’s issue of A Chip off the Block is our Prodigal Listening Edition and we are trying something new this month!

* 7:30 am NY time on Thursdays there will be a quick tip TeleClass that follows up to the pieces an parts in the newsletter.


  • 18th – Listening for Body Language
  • 24th – no class (American Thanksgiving)


  • 2nd – 4 Barriers to Listening
  • 9th – How to Tips: for Listening Success

If you’re interested in joining us please email me for the pass code (lynn [at] upyourtelesales [dot] com – isn’t fighting SPAM silly)! These 15 minute calls are free, free, free!

Of course the blog will still carry the theme of the month through the majority of the posts – expanding on the ideas I am thinking about right now.

The Key Is In The Questions!

A few months ago on the Inside Sales Experts discussion group, hosted by LinkedIn, Michael Pedone from asked

What is your favorite sales question to ask?

You have to admit that is a VERY open ended question in itself. If we think about it, the first thing would be to ask a clarifying question if we were in a conversation vs. a discussion group.

Which started me thinking (be afraid, be very afraid) – instead of talking about favorite questions, let’s look at the intention we start with and result we’re looking for.

Check out A Chip off the Block, Issue 19: The What? Edition for more on intention and results of questioning.

Sales Pirate Edition of A Chip off the Block

Ahoy, last year while celebratin’ Talk Like A Pirate Day with Countess Plunder, seemed like a good idea t’ have an entire newsletter published in “pirate speak” an me parrot concurred.

This be t’ (non-nautical) Top 3 Ways t’ maraud through yar competition’s customer base:
* #3-Responsiveness
* #2-Offer Alternatives
* #1-Honesty

Honesty will despoil yar competition’s business so check out Issue 18: Sales Pirate Edition of A Chip off the Block!

Beer styles as salesperson styles?

As you’re reading this month’s newsletter, please remember at we do not advocate SWI, Selling While Intoxicated! Or selling under the influence for that matter.

Although Beerstorming can be fun, the key ingredient is friends NOT prospects or customers.

Now onto the issue! Issue 17: International Beer Day Edition

I’m Bored…

Who knew that July was designated as Anti-Boredom Month?

Found that is from US Dept of Health & Human Services Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (how does THAT fit on a business card?)

To quote their website; Boredom is described as “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest”.

As summer vacation gets into full swing for millions of children around the world, a familiar phrase is likely to be “I’m bored” or “there is nothing to do”.

Does sales make you feel that way? Check out this month’s edition of A Chip off the Block