Nostalgia can be good for you!


ImageThis is a picture of my Mom and today it made me think about the people that have helped me get to where I am today.

Without her love of skiing, I wouldn’t have my own passion for the sport. I do believe that “Gravity is love and every turn a leap of faith” ~ unknown

How about in your sales career, who has helped ignite your passion? Help you find your way? Believe in your success before you believed it yourself?

For me the list is long and includes people who know the affect they’ve had and others who probably have no idea the impact they have had on my career.

Choose someone on your list and call them up. Say thank you. Share what they have meant to you and your career.

Then spend the rest of your day making sure you’re living the kind of inspiration they gave to you – pass it on!

That’s it for today; I’ve got to go call my Mom, along with a sales mentor who doesn’t have any idea the impact he had on my career 🙂

What are YOU putting off?

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted, for the lack of consistency I must apologize. Which of course got me thinking (a dangerous activity if there ever was one):

Why do we put things off that we’ve committed to do?

Reason #1

The commitment was a ‘should’ not a ‘will’. It is a goal, activity, action item that other people believe is important…. but I don’t. It was easier to make what I call a fake committment than to tell that person I wasn’t interested.

Sometimes in my life that is because the person ‘shoulding’ is an authority figure, other times it is that I didn’t want to hurt their feelings – regardless of the reason I ended up disappointing them (the not doing part) and myself (not keeping a committment).

Do you have any shoulds in your life? Time to either get rid of them – or figure out a personal why and make the commitment into a will do!

Reason #2

Once I didn’t do it once (or twice, or for some time frame)…. it was harder to RESTART than it was to beak myself up about it.

Exercise falls right into the middle of this reason for me. One day missed, turns into a few, into weeks, into – yup forever. The best fix in my world is to reexamine what my goal is and to turn the committment back into little action.

Need an example? Stretching for 15 min/day… easy right? Then I can start to expand on it if I want, but regardless 15 minutes of stretching is still better than NOTHING. What is better than nothing that you can commit to doing today?

Reason #3

Overwhelm caused inaction. I don’t know about you, but in my life there are waves of overwhelm that come crashing down over me on occasion.

The times when I feel like I have a handle on life, work, etc – then SPLASH everything is just littered on the beach (or worse washing out to sea). Then I’m standing there staring at it all – not even able to decide what to pick up first.

My only solution is to choose 3 little things that I have complete control over and do them – leaving the rest on the beach, until I can get something done.

Let’s face it doing nothing sure doesn’t help – but doing everything isn’t an option either!

Reason #4

It was toooooooooo hard. There is a 4a and 4b to this reason.

  • #4a – I’m missing a skill that I need meet my commitment. To fix that, I need to learn it – pay someone else to do that part – use my resources and move forward.
  • #4b – I didn’t break it down into small enough chunks. I need to make sure that I have all my commitments broken into chunks that I can handle. Little pieces that I can accomplish. It is my need to be able to look both back and forward and believe I can do it.

Reason #5

I got lazy. ‘nuf said right? Well I think that laziness tends to be either just that OR some combination of the first 4 reasons – examine that and then decide what you want to do.

What’s your reason? and do you even want to ‘fix’ it?

VOTE – for Jill Konrath!

I’ve nominated Jill Konrath as a Guru for the Small Business Influencer Award – take a moment each day and vote for her if you would!

Let’s support her in her quest for world domination – hey if she has her way we will all be

as we define our own success and work toward it ourselves.


What inspires you?

HEY -I can see you roll your eyes and *sigh*

Hang on for a moment or three!

Are You Looking For Inspiration?

Inspiration is the WOW behind the why: It is not what makes us get up in the morning, it is what makes us excited to get up.

Too often the activity of each day obscures what inspires us – you know days when everything feels like drudgery. When you finish you know you were busy but don’t feel like anything was accomplished. Those are the days when we need to be inspired BUT can’t find inspiration.

Instead, I suggest you find your inspiration and have a habit of looking to it in moments of drudgery. Lift yourself up and out of activity – into a place of joyful abandon (no I’m not kidding). We might not be able to live there all the time (a big right on! to those of you who do) – but make sure you take the time to visit often.

I visit by making sure I have pictures of places that inspire me on my computer, things on my desk that keep my thoughts soaring – the key is to take a moment to look instead of trying to push on through.

You can always come back here for this gentle reminder.

Find Your Own Beauty

photos were taken by Cris Winters of NICHE Studios

Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

I returned this weekend from the Sales SheBang Expert Summit which is an event I try to go to every time it happens!

Why? Because I love to surround myself with people who inspire me to Be A Better Me. Yup,  a better me. To look inside myself and decide what I want to do with my business – then push me to go beyond where I am today and make it happen.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? I would suggest you find yourself a group who will support you while you continue working to become the best you, you can be:

  • believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.
  • see the possibilities of what can be.
  • help you ask yourself tough questions.
  • support you while you try & sometimes when you fail.
  • make sure you understand – failing forward.
  • and will call you out when you’re lying to yourself!

If you don’t have people like this in your life, I urge you to go find them – it makes the journey much more fun and ultimately more profitable as well (we are in sales).

Mapquest To Success?

I wish mapquest could really give you a plan for life, with little arrows, or a nice speaking voice, to revert to the original path when you stray too far no, I really don’t, but it’s a nice thought ~ Jennifer Aicher

Interesting idea and wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to read sign posts that direct us forward?

Although some days I agree with Jen, others I think the journey is really the fun part. I do believe Bob Bitchin was right when he said

“The difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude”

Which means as individuals we create our own adventure by choosing the right attitude for us, every day.

What does this have to do with sales? EVERYTHING!

Today & Every Day….

Prospects and customers can hear your choice of attitudes ever time you call – they know what type of day you are having. Be honest with yourself; you know they would rather talk to a salesperson who is in a good mood vs. bad.

Plus because attitude is a choice – you can turn it around when ever you want.

I didn’t say that was going to be easy! Make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve:

  1. a trusted confidant who will support you
  2. a place to walk away to when you’re frustrated
  3. someone positive in your life you can call for a smile
  4. perhaps a secret chocolate stash in your top desk drawer
  5. a quote, book, or magazine that reminds you of what is important
  6. make yourself smile (even if it takes a stupid youtube video to do it)

and 7. last but not least – TAKE A REALLY DEEP BREATH (then let it out slowly)

Control your day, your career, your attitude – that is what will bring you down the road to sales success. Leave mapquest to give you directions to that next appointment!

Joyful Abandon – got any?

Joyful Abandon

A  friend of mine sent over this picture (his son Jax s the one in the front) and as we have been talking about passion (and winter sports) this month it got me thinking.

When is the last time you looked at life… at sales with the level of joyful abandon on these kids faces?

That is your assignment for today – do something ANYTHING with joyful abandon!