For some crazy reason we can’t explain, it felt like there “should” (check out coaching over coffee from November 2, 2008) be a frequently asked question section. Now if your particular question doesn’t show up here – it isn’t that your question isn’t important, rather that it just hasn’t made it here yet – so ask away!

What does it cost?

As each client is different and we offer flexibility in our agreements; some utilize training and coaching services independently from each other, while for other we create programs that combine the two. Sorry if this seems to be a long winded way of saying “it depends”. Let’s have a conversation around the result you are looking for to come up with the most economical way to get there!

What is different about your training?

Because we focus on telesales vs. sales in general, most people find that there is more to take away and try when they are done with each class. After every class, we are told it helps to not have to “translate” face to face sales tactics into techniques you can use on the phone. Don’t get us wrong, lots of things work in both environments, but hearing body language is a really advanced technique!

How does coaching enhance a training program?

In their book Transferring Learning to Behavior Donald L Kirkpatrick and James D Kirkpatrick state “If the trainees do not apply what they learned, the program has been a failure even if learning has taken place.” Coaching works with the training class participants one-on-one and in groups to ensure that the new skills and techniques they learned in training are applied, every day.

What credentials do coaches have?

As a newly recognized profession, many people who market themselves as coaches don’t have credentials at all. We aren’t saying that makes them bad coaches! Lynn Hidy, founder of UpYourTeleSales.com is an accredited Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the International Coach Academy.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because all the effort that goes into the client’s success is their own! Their coach facilitates the development of objectives, goals, and action steps. The power comes from the decisions the client makes for themselves to undertake something new.

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