Issue 23: Lap It Up Edition

Issue 23: Lap It Up Edition

fonts and colors

Failing Forward

Don’t cry over spilt milk day
is the perfect day to explore
failing forward!

Remember today, the

only way to NOT fail, is to do nothing – even then you will not achieve the results you are looking for.

That is why I have an engraved piece of steel on my desk that says “What
would you attempt to do if you
knew you could not fail?”

To remind me that taking action and moving forward regardless of the result is my first measure of success.


  • Make a call that has you nervous about the result…at worst you can get rid of the worry.
  • Ask a difficult question…not having an answer is worse than knowing.
  • Take a fork in the road…staring will not make the choice easier.
  • Start something…with complete disregard for the consequences.

an example? For me this newsletter
is the perfect metaphor – once
I started, it was a commitment
to continue. To continue, I had
to have content – and so began
the “what ifs”

What if no one subscribes

What if I have nothing to say

What if it doesn’t help my business

What if…

What if…

What if…

  • I made the call to ensure my VA (Virtual Assistant) would be able to administrate and send it out.
  • Asked the difficult question about content and wrote out 12 potential topics I would write about.
  • I
    took the fork in the road
    – on April Fool’s Day and
    sent out Issue 1: The Foolish Edition False Errands from Prospects.
  • Look what I started! Here we are on Issue 23.

regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful.
If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

~ Victoria Holt

Take a moment and play along with me – you need a piece of paper and something to write with.

  • Make
    a dot in the middle of the
    page – that is you’re Here & Now
  • Start drawing a spiral with your destination somewhere at the outside of the page
  • Once you reach the outside of your page – make another dot, that is your Destination

doesn’t take us in a straight line
to our goals – no matter how much
we wish it did.

The next piece is to start at the Destination and draw a straight line through the Here & Now to the furthest point away from your goal on the spiral.

Last step on the page is to redraw along the spiral from that far point to the Destination!

Isn’t it incredible that even when
our spiral path is as far away
from our destination as we can
imagine – we are much closer to
our goal!

time for action is now. It’s never
too late to do something.”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

After All of That

I still wish there were road signs telling me to turn left to achieve success.

As there aren’t any of these signs in life, I’ll
leave you with one of my favorite

Success comes from Good Judgment
Good Judgment comes from Experience
Experience comes from Bad Judgment

February 11th is

Don’t cry over spilt milk day

“It simply means don’t worry and stress over the little things. Enjoy life to its fullest and savor each and every day with an optimistic attitude and a smile on your face!

We all must realize that unexpected things are going to happen in our life and when it does take a deep breath, don’t worry don’t fret and don’t cry over spilt milk.”

~ by

One place I read believed that the origin of the saying was because fairies are believed to love cold creamy milk and to scold someone for spilling it would bring bad luck.

Want to Celebrate today? Check out eHow’s Instructions personally, I’m going to grab some Oreo cookies pour some milk and take my chances!

An Reminder

Here is some blatant self-promotion, plus resources from other sales experts, virtuosos, & gurus:

In 2011 I became a contributor to Sales Bloggers Union – check out great posts by my fellow contributors!

If you’re selling anything related to media, you will find lots of great content at LoveMediaSales – oh with some TeleSales tips from me as well.

Plus The Sales Shebang Daily which pulls content off of Jill Konrath’s twitter list.

TeleSales Twist

In TeleSales the small failures typically are measured in a “bad call.”

The great thing is that when you’re in prospecting mode, if you wait a couple of weeks they have NO recollection of you what so ever.

Plus slips on voicemail can be deleted if navigate to whatever the delete code for their system is!

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