Did you create a resource list?

I can’t remember who it was that taught me to do this, but it is another exercise that may be the missing step on your way to achieving your goals. Yet when it is explained, it makes so much sense (at least to me).
Here are a few ‘options’ of resource lists that may help you reach your goals:

  • Skills/Knowledge: what do you already know… or know how to do that will help you achieve your goal?
  • People: who do you already know that you can use when you need help, support, information
  • Information: are there books you own, websites you’ve visited, blogs you read, publications – etc

Now that you’re thinking about what a resource list might be – here is the exercise:

  1. Write your goal at the top of the page.
  2. Without thinking too much – write down all the things you already KNOW that will help you get to your goal .
    (for the extroverts out there – talk about this over lunch instead of staring at a blank page)
  3. Now write down all the places you would go if what you know isn’t enough.
  4. Plus all the people you would talk with to learn more.
  5. Who are the people who will be supportive?
  6. How about the people who will challenge you to be your best?
  7. What else would help to have notes about later when you’re facing obstacles on your way to achieving your goal?

There you go – now you’ve created your own arsenal of resources to help you achieve your goal! All that you need to do now is take action… yes I mean right now, go do something.

Action and Expertise combine to create Success – on Success

Action & Expertise combine to create Success… be sure you’re taking one, building the second, and defining the third for yourself! @upyourtelesales

Yesterday was all about Expertise – today lets talk about Success.

  • and defining the third for yourself

Success is an interesting thing; if you are judging your own success by looking at other people you are doing yourself a disservice. Yup – when you measure success in your career and life vs. other people you’ve got it all wrong.

What I’m telling you to do is look at your life ONLY and decide what will indicate success to you! Then go for it.

Is that a foreign concept? Well here are some examples, in no particular order, of answers some clients have given me when we are working on this:

  1. freedom
  2. financial security
  3. comfort for my family
  4. lack of worry

Why did I pick those four to share? It is because they don’t look like typical ‘salesperson success factors’. Most people expect some of the other answers I do hear:

  1. hit my goal for the year
  2. increase my paycheck
  3. earn insert award here
  4. be in the top 10

What may interest you is that when I hear the traditional answers, I ask What will that do for YOU? Which is when I get the answers from the first list, and yes – the answers match up 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4 between the two lists.

Yes that’s right; the answers are from the same salesperson!

When you’re deciding what success is, go past the surface and figure out the deeper result you are looking for in your life!

Action and Expertise combine to create Success – on Action

This was a tweet I posted September 14th that keeps coming back into my head:

Action & Expertise combine to create Success… be sure you’re taking one, building the second, and defining the third for yourself! @upyourtelesales


  • be sure you’re taking one,

Currently I’m annoyed every time someone says “Work Smarter, not Harder.”

Why? because I truly believe the phrase was made for people who were already working hard! Today though it seems to be an excuse not to put in effort and take action.

I was doing a sales training program at a company and heard a salesperson say that who had been wandering around, getting coffee, chatting away with co-workers. BLECH – what that person needed to do was sit back down in their chair and dial the phone. Although I guess that is certainly smarter than what they were doing.

To misquote David Sandler, or perhaps Pete Morrissey the guy who taught me to sell to begin with – successful salespeople do the things unsuccessful salespeople fail to do.

The most basic of those things in telesales is to dial the phone – it is the foundation of everything else we do. Don’t confuse this idea with brute force (expertise is the next section after all) but without dialing the phone how will you talk to a human?

If you don’t talk to a human – how will you have a conversation? Perhaps even about business, their industry, or your product (crazy).

Which of course is how we find business opportunity – then talk some more to define it and qualify if we’re the best choice.

When we are the best choice… we sell stuff! To channel my inner soccer fan “S-C-O-R-Ehorns blowing, flags waving.

So sit down in your chair and dial that phone! Come back tomorrow for: Expertise