Our Name

How did you come up with UpYourTeleSales.com?

Note From Lynn: There are two stories that might give you a bit of insight to UpYourTeleSales.com, don’t worry I’ll tie it all together at the very end – I promise!


When I got into the sales profession, I worked for a company who believed salespeople were their greatest resource. Boy was I lucky! They demonstrated this belief in a variety of ways including sales training in the Sandler Selling System (try saying that 10 times fast). The trainer at the time was a gentleman named Pete Morrissey, I have to tell you he was (ok still is but I was living in the moment) an amazing trainer! Working with him truly changed my life, no matter how corny it sounds.

“Lynn, there is a fine line between I love you and up yours… DON’T cross that line” was a piece of advice I received from Pete because of my sarcastic (some would say caustic) sense of humor. The topic of the day was tone of voice. I have to say that if he made a dollar for every time I quoted him, he would have lots more money to spend on his grandchildren! You know what…. I’m going to call him and take him out to lunch.


I was thrilled to attend the Sales Shebang Sales Expert Summit where I met some of the most fantastic women. Although I am only mentioning the two who relate to the name UpYourTeleSales.com – they are all fantastic at what they do.

Jill Konrath, who is the creator of the event and author of Selling to Big Companies, along with Brooke Green, the Ultimate Sales Chick, and I were having drinks one evening after the event (I’m a beer geek myself) and they started me thinking about what jumping out of the corporate world could look like (including profitability – I’m in sales after all).

  • Jill expressed…. laser focus on your target market, you can expand later if you want, but at the start, laser focus on your target market. Then we talked about my experience and expertise. Then she said laser focus on your target market a few more times.
  • Brooke made an off hand comment…. that she thought I was funny and liked my delivery. She may not have been the first person to say it, but she was the first one to remind me that was part of who I was as a presenter and I needed to capitalize on that as I looked out at the wild wide world of business ownership.

Starting UpYourTeleSales.com I have leaped over the fine line between I love you and Up Yours like a high jumper at the Olympics – using the smile in my voice to remind people that having fun while learning isn’t a crime – it makes the participants remember even more and want to use what they learned!

See, I promised I would wrap it up at the end.

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