Links, Lists, Recommendations – a true mixed bag!

Welcome to the mixed bag. It is the place that is a resource for you to become better at sales, telesales, and other stuff (we figure if we call it the mixed bag we can put whatever we want here!).


with contributions from Lynn Hidy

Goal Setting – The Flip Side; Why We Don’t Achieve Them helps you understand the top 10 deep dark secrets on why we DON’T do what we know we need to.

When You Call Me B.I.T.C.H, Smile! in Rochester Woman Magazine is actually written by Susan Smith around a virtual water cooler conversation we had.

How to make the most of sales skill and technique books is an article for anyone who has bought a book on sales that is now gathering dust up on a shelf.

Be Yourself to Be More Successful is a case study written for the Hot Mommas Project who’s mission is to increase self-efficacy in women and girls by providing scalable, global, free access to role models online.

Check out The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog post 163 Ways To Become
An Entrepreneur
tip #119.

Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Economy ebook, you can check out her contribution on pg 39. Even more importantly, there are 18 other fantastic contributors with great ideas!


Book ’em Danno!

Even if you aren’t old enough to remember Hawaii Five-O you may have recognized the reference, but we didn’t want you to be thinking about what it was from – we want you to check out our book list!

When ever reading self improvement books, our recommendation is to use the Chinese Buffet Theory – you get to look and see what is appetizing to you on that day, decide how much of each dish you want on your plate, leave the rest, and go back for seconds if you like it. You also get to try things, if you don’t know that you like mapo doufu take a small helping.

Coaches & Trainers

Check out some of the fantastic people we have gone to training with and respect:

  • Art Sobczak the president of BusinessByPhone has a great eZine and his Telesales College is a valuable experience.
  • Debbie Mrazek author of The Field Guide to Sales gives you great action items that will change how you think and sell.
  • Kim Duke is The Sales Diva, has an entertaining way of telling life stories that end up relating to sales improvement.

You will also find other people sprinkled on What’s In A Name.

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