Interested in reading past newsletters? Here they are:

Issue 29: Navigation Edition – what do you do when your way is blocked?

  • What outside forces do I need to contend with?
  • Know where you want to go.
  • Getting Around
  • If you aren’t moving faster than water, you can’t steer!

Issue 28: How Fast Edition – Are You Run, Run, Running As Fast As You Can?

  • the shorter the time frame we look at the easier it is to sprint
  • remember to stretch before you start running
  • SPEED without forward momentum is wasted effort
  • TeleSales Twist – setting call objectives

Issue 27: The Garden Edition – Top 10 Things Sales Taught Me About Gardening

  • If I list all 10 things, why would you click the link to the full newsletter?
  • check the blog for an expanded view of all 10 things as they relate to TeleSales

Issue 26: Magical Edition – Inspiration, Perspiration, & Magic

  • What inspires you?
  •  “Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”  ~ Thomas Edison
  •  I’m a big believer in magic.

Sales is all about inspiration, perspiration, & magic.

Issue 25: Blank Look Edition; Objection Handling – Revisited

  • What are your “regulars”?
  • TeleSales twisted Chinese Proverb
  • Objections Aren’t Questions; Don’t Answer Them!

PLUS – Lynn’s not yet patented Objection Handling technique!

How do you know you’re at the top of your game?

  • Success Indicators
  • How Behaviors Affect Success
  • Why Success Indicators Are Important

Along with lots of success resources.

Issue 23: Lap It Up Edition; Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Failing Forward, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
  • the “What If?” Game
  • Spiral your way to success
  • TeleSales Twist – Wait A Few Weeks
Plus other places to find content!

Issue 22: A Passionate Edition – Work to Ski, Ski to Live

What is your passion? Are you using it in sales?

  • Passion is Contagious
  • Passion Pushes Us Forward
  • Passion Transference
  • Passion is Authentic

Plus some sales passion resource links and TeleSales Twist on what passion conveys over the phone.

Issue 21: Year End Edition – Twas The Night Before Month End

(with a nod to Clement Clarke Moore’s 1822 poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” of course)

  • Profitable & Success Defined – by you of course
  • TeleSales Twist Tip on “Goal”

Issue 20: Prodigal Listening Edition – The Key Is In The Listening!

To Listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation ~ Chinese proverb

  • Listening for body language
  • The Top 4 Barriers To Listening
  • 3 TeleSales Listening Tips

Along with some resource links to help you learn more and practice your listening skills!

Issue 19: The What? Edition – The Key Is In The Questions!

A few months ago on the Inside Sales Experts discussion group, hosted by LinkedIn, Michael Pedon from asked “What is your favorite sales question to ask?”, which got me thinking (be afraid, be very afraid) about:

  • Intention
  • Result

Along with some UpYourTeleSales resource suggestions for specific questions and TeleSales Twist: avoid the sunflower look.

Issue 18: Sales Pirate Edition – Good Salespeople be BAD Pirates!

Ahoy, last year while celebratin’ Talk Like A Pirate Day with Countess Plunder, seemed like a good idea t’ have an entire newsletter published in “pirate speak” an me parrot concurred.

his be t’ (non-nautical) Top 3 Ways t’ maraud through yar competition’s customer base:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Offer Alternatives
  3. Honesty

Honesty will despoil yar competition’s business

Issue 17: International Beer Day Edition – Beer Styles as Salesperson Styles?

When I saw this holiday I just had to figure out a way to combine my love of great beer with my sales passion.

  • Ale (Relationship Selling) vs. Lager (Technical Selling)
  • Stout: Trusted Companion
  • IPA (India Pale Ale): Ally
  • Doppelbock: The Sales Engineer
  • Pilsner: Industry Expert

Instead of sales resources, links to help you find & drink great beer.

Issue 16: I’m Bored Edition – Productivity can be FUN (really)

The only thing adults do more than work… is sleep.
so if you don’t have fun at work… where will you have fun?

  • Frustration BINGO
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Head to Head

Plus a couple of book recommendations on creativity & sales contests.

Issue 15: Go Fly A Kite Edition – 5 Tips for Better Prospecting

  • Get over what you sell
  • Customer language
  • Multiple contacts
  • Voicemail
  • Listening

UpYourTeleSales suggests you check out Jill Konrath’s new book SNAP Selling
TeleSales Twist: the whole issue is pretty twisted!

Issue 14: Mayflower Edition; How far are you willing to travel?

  • How strongly do you believe?
  • Why do salespeople feel alone?
  • What will help you enjoy the journey?
  • When is it time to renegotiate with yourself?
  • Who will you be when the pilgrimage is over?

Along with some UpYourTeleSales resource suggestions and
TeleSales Twist: Do you believe in what you’re calling about?

Issue 13: 1st Anniversary Edition; Some days success can only be measured by survival!

Come on, it isn’t like $h!t doesn’t happen OR you haven’t had a week full of Mondays.

  • 5 quotes to help you keep going
  • One book that is all about Plan B
  • Seeing is believing, how this newsletter itself is an example

TeleSales Twist of the best thing about Gone-Ta-Pott day!

Issue 12: The Ides Have It Edition; Is a playwright successful if hundreds of years later people still quote them?

  • Take the time: make up your own definition
  • Take the initiative: use the perspective of your own definition
  • Take the responsibility: work toward YOUR success
  • Take the controls: look inward to measure success

TeleSales Twist = how do your behaviors move you forward?

Issue 11: Puzzled Edition; Are you putting together a prospecting puzzle without looking at the picture on the box cover?

  • I sometimes wonder in telesales (and all sales as a matter of fact); why salespeople think outbound dials will increase their success when they haven’t figured out what they are looking for….
  • Not to mention what it looks like when we get the perfect prospect on the phone.

An UpYourTeleSales Reminder to say NO to less than ideal customers
The TeleSales Twist: Assumptions are the #1 killer of listening

Issue 10: Bridge Edition – If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you?

For those of you who don’t know. is AGAINST New Year’s Resolutions!

Why? You ask…

  1. Obligation vs. Inspiration
  2. Built in way out
  3. Why wait?

Issue 9: Moving Along Edition – How does moving relate to sales anyway?

  • Plan
  • Attack
  • Unpack

Resources about where you want to go anyway
Telesales Twist: The Post-It note

Issue 8: Spooktacular Edition – Are you wearing a sales costume or being yourself?

  • 6 Classic Sales Costumes

Telesales Twist: Be MORE of yourself

Issue 7: Celebration Edition – Is doing business with you a party?

  • From the invitation to clean up, how to create the feeling of celebration for your prospects & customers in your sales efforts

Telesales Twist: Thank You Notes

Issue 6: Construction Edition – Fines Doubled in a Work Zone

  • Top 3 Economic Detour Tips
  • Why Me? is not a road sign

Telesales Twist: how does construction show up

Issue 5: Dog Daze Edition – Stop Chasing Your Tail

  • Perfect Customer Profile
  • SPF: Sales Production Factor

Telesales Twist: listen for your ideal customer

Issue 4: Independence Edition – Earn Your Independence

  • Metrics and Behaviors – Pick Your Own
  • Resources on Choosing Metrics

Telesales Twist: set your own targets

Issue 3: I Dare You Edition – Double Dog Sales Dare

  • Emotional Hijacking, how to handle it
  • More Book Recommendations (on Emotional Intelligence)

Telesales Twist: cheat sheets & cue cards

Issue 2: A Sales Mayday Edition; Mayday, Mayday… This call is about to CRASH!

  • Absent Experts or Missing Skills what to do
  • 3 Great Book Recommendations
  • Telesales Twist: listen for the emotion

Issue 1: The Foolish Edition – False Errands from Prospects

  • Objections we hear from suspects, prospects, and customers
  • The – 3 Step objection handling process
  • TeleSales Twist; release button in their brain
  • Suspect, Prospect, Buyer, and Customer defined

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