The times they are a changin’ (or our website it is a movin’)

No this isn’t a Bob Dylan post! BUT our website is moving… and that is my excuse for the lack of posts lately. I kept thinking we were moving… so I didn’t create new content that I would have to move!

If you don’t see a post in your feed, email, or where ever you read the blog on Monday June 4th titled Why don’t we hit our goals we moved but you didn’t.

You will still be able to find us at we are incorporating the blog into our website (rather than having the blog BE our website) – it sounds like the argument “you got your peanut butter in my chocolate”… “NO you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” but those crafty web people tell me it makes sense.

Opinions Are A Distorted Reflection

Ever since a customer described me as bubbly I’ve been thinking… never good I know!

Then my friend & colleague, Mindy, made one of those startling comments;

“well all that means is compared to HIM you’re bubbly”

WHAM – it hit me, like a cartoon hammer on the head. That is the #1 reason other people’s opinions of us are really none of our business.

What you are actually getting is a comparison between the THINKER & YOU… which is at best 50% about them & 50% about you. More likely it is 100% about them as their feelings are being reflected off you – like a distorted mirror of themselves and not about you at all.


It’s time to stop worrying about what other people think and begin to consider what you think about yourself. If you like what you see in your mental mirror – keep doing what you’re doing. If the image staring back at you isn’t the one you want to see – make some changes.

I know… not really about sales today BUT it kind of is 🙂